Animal Refuge EP

by No Wave Cinema

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Limited Release


released October 24, 2013

All Songs written & recorded by No Wave Cinema
Produced & mixed by The Lonely Bedrooms



all rights reserved


No Wave Cinema New York, New York

Jonathan Carom

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Track Name: Red Ribbon
Head held high
She can't wait
Motionless to walk away
I can feel your heart
You're beating to my drum

Walk away I can say
With our heads all right away
to this sensation
Together we watched
To the night began to fade
To fade
To fade away
Track Name: Ava
Saw your face
On a picture frame
You were red
and I was blue

I brought it back to you
So I can remember
Our days

Let's fly away
Track Name: We Won't Be Alone
We can meet tomorrow
Under the stars
Under the street lights
We'll find each other
We'll find our way home
Walking through the blue room
So we won't be alone

Across the ocean
I was ready to swim
I was ready to jump
I was ready to fall

Other people watching
I was never afraid
To tell you how much I care
To show you my love

From singing out to you
So we won't be alone
Singing out to you
So we won't be alone
Track Name: Airplane
My aeroplane
Our running dreams
I walk the streets
Now on my own
My dear old friend
My inner void

You drive me insane

My aeroplane